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Powering every industry in South Africa.

Agricultural, Residential and Commercial Solar Solutions Installer and provider.

About Us

Qualified & Certified Specialist in the renewable and electrical sector. Join URB Solar and be energy independent.

Traditional energy sources are not going to suffice in the future. With the world’s energy needs predicted to double by 2050, it’s time to take action. Join URB Solar and be part of a clean, green solution.

URB Solar (PTY)LTD is a leading renewable energy service provider with a diverse product and service range.
We aim to accommodate all sectors and endeavour to provide quality products and services to all.

URB Solar (PTY)LTD has an experienced and qualified team.
We pride ourselves in our professional and quality installations.

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We are constantly active in numerous projects around the country, supplying renewable energy products to a wide range of sectors.

Our Services

Delivering a thorough overall project solution big or small.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Commercial solar panels are an efficient and effective way for businesses to cut, or even eliminate, their power expense while using renewable energy. 

Residential Solar Solutions

With our  solar solutions for residential properties, you can power your house while saving money on the rising energy costs. A safe investment and guaranteed results.

Agricultural Solar Solutions

Our primary goal is to assist the farmers in our country by delivering cost-effective, dependable solar energy solutions that ensure day-to-day activities are uninterrupted.

Solar Water Heaters

The first step toward solar electricity is solar heating. Converting your home’s hot water demands to solar has never been easier. Solar-powered water heaters are bot efficient and cost-effective.

Solar Water Pumps

The Solar pump system offers the perfect water supply solution. Commonly used in residential water supply, irrigation projects, and water pumping. Water is circulated by a pump using power produced from solar energy.

Rooftop & Ground Mount PVC Systems

The racking system in a rooftop solar installation is built for an existing structure and Ground installation allows you to place solar panels at the optimal tilt and orientation for maximum sunlight.

What is Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is produced from resources that renew naturally, like sunlight, wind, water, and others. We don’t rely on scarce natural resources like coal and gas to generate power since its supply is limited and could eventually run out. By using renewable energy, we fight climate change and reduce our carbon impact.

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